No fiddly wiring or often fragile, unreliable ceiling installation. The slim, elegant chromed steel frames

are available in different widths and can be mounted in a matter of minutes just behind the window. The frame is positioned on the floor and attached to the window by means of suction pads, that can be regulated either horizontally or vertically to ensure increased stability and safety. Low voltage adapter included. The frame can be used for the attachment of Window LEDMAG frames equipped with magnets which, once connected to the profile, will cause the frames to light up automatically.

Frames are available in double or triple A4 or A3 sizes (either horizontal or vertical), thus offering customers a wide range of choice and considerable savings both in terms of costs and space.

Changing the images in the frames is extremely easy. Simply remove and reposition the magnetic tool supplied.


Frames are available for the following sizes

A4 vertical and horizontal 

A3 vertical and horizontal

2A4 vertical and horizontal

3A4 vertical and horizontal

2A3 vertical and horizontal

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