Menu Board

LDM-203 – LDM-204 – LDM-303B

Menuboard with a chrome steel structure powered by a low voltage transformer and magnetic backlight frames A3 size, horizontal and vertical. Specially designed to use with all LEDMAG accessories (frames, Luminouse shelves, logo frame) . A battery version is available (battery life up to 10 hours).

The backlight frame is reclinable and lockable in 5 different positions from 0° to 90°.

LDM-103 – LDM-104

Menu Board aluminium and steel frame, powered by a low voltage transformer. Supplied with an inclined support plate for the horizontal or vertical positioning of A3 or A4 size LEDMAG frames. When the magnets positioned on the back of the frame are connected to the plate, the frame lights up automatically.


Frames are available for the following sizes

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