Chromed steel structure on which frames are attached by means of magnets. The system is powered by a low voltage transformer and can be positioned wherever you like on the floor.

Thanks to the set of magnets on the back, once connected, the frames will automatically and instantaneously light up.

The frames can be attached to both sides of the stand thus allowing the customer to increase the number of messages to be displayed.

The A4 size frames can be positioned either vertically or horizontally.

Changing the images in the frames is extremely easy. Simply remove and reposition the magnetic tool supplied.

On the structure it is possible to add the inclined shelf accessory. Thanks to this magnetized accessory LEDMAG A4 and A3 LED frames can be fixed to the structure with horizontal or vertical orientation.

It is also available the shelf for LEDMAG structure equipped with magnets for attachment and double LED lighting both. Available in two sizes.


Frames are available for the following sizes:

Available accessories


Frames are available for the following sizes

A4 vertical and horizontal 

A3 vertical and horizontal

50x70 vertical and horizontal

A2 vertical and horizontal

50x140 vertical


Available accessories

Luminouse shelves equipped with magnets for attachement and double LED lighting. Available in two sizes, 35x22,5 and 49x29 cm.
Inclined shelf that allows A4 and A3 LED frames to be fixed to the structure with horizontal or vertical orientation, keeping the contact for the lighting.
Chromed backlight Logo Frame equipped with magnets for the attachement. Available the personalization of the logo

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