A solution featuring a steel cable, attached to the ceiling by means of an anodized aluminium rod that allows the sliding and the fixing of the cables, for one or more cables, keeping the low voltage power supply steady.

The Cable LEDMAG frames are supplied with accessories that allow for easy mounting with automatic hooking and unhooking devices. Frames are available in double or triple A4 or A3 sizes (either horizontal or vertical), thus offering customers a wide range of choice and considerable savings both in terms of costs and space.

The Cable LEDMAG frames are supplied with cable connection accessories that allow for simple

automatic hooking and unhooking for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Changing the images in the frames is extremely easy. Simply remove and reposition the magnetic tool supplied.


Frames are available for the following sizes

A4 vertical and horizontal

A3 vertical and horizontal

2A4 vertical and horizontal

3A4 vertical and horizontal

2A3 vertical and horizontal

50x70 vertical and horizontal

70x100 vertical 

50x140 vertical

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