TECNOSTYL has specialized in the production of high-precision technical drawing aids since the time of its inception - 1948. Over the years the company has  acquired a position of absolute leadership both on the Italian and international market, acting as a reference point for the entire sector. Generations of architects, engineers, graphic artists and students have built their professions and consolidated their drawing skills thanks to TECNOSTYL drawing boards and drafting machines.

Aware of the enormous changes underway in the technical sector, TECNOSTYL decided to implement a strategy of diversification in the middle of the 90's. This was targeted at the office products sector but continued to focus on its traditional image as a manufacturer of high quality, functional products. This was achieved through a combination of  years of experience gained in the sector and innovative solutions for the world of visual communication. 

Elegant display units for brochures and leaflets (in floor,  desk and wall versions), spring-lock hanging frames and stands, are all available from TECNOSTYL for points-of-sale, showrooms, trade fairs, exhibition areas and travel agencies.

Efficient, professional customer service, the quality of our products and in-house procedures, a culture of reliability and commitment, years of experience in the field, a caring staff and the ongoing offer of new ideas and solutions make TECNOSTYL a partner to be counted on.

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